Signs for When it is Time for Tree Removal Service

Tree removal service

Trees give us a lot of benefits more than we provide it. Aside from making the air we breathe clean, it protects us from the scorching heat of the sun and makes our yard so much more beautiful. However, no matter how much we want to keep them, there are times that they need to prevent problems. Here we have listed tell-tale signs your tree needs to be removed.

Branches Overhanging Your Property

If a tree branch is in contact with your home, it is an apparent reason to have it removed immediately. A storm can break this tree off and will fall on your property. This can be dangerous and can injure anyone in your family. It can also be costly to deal with repairs brought by the tree damage, so before it even happens, let the tree experts remove it for you.

Diseased Tree

It can be difficult to tell sometimes if a tree is infected or not. Look for these indicators of tree disease:

  • Discoloration and turning into yellow of leaves. You can also notice the lack of veins and the strange nodules
  • Branches falling off
  • Decaying trunk or branches
  • Damaged roots

Fungus Growth

If you notice fungus growing on your tree, it means that your tree is in danger. You may see growing mushrooms at the base of your tree. It is an indication that the area of the tree is rotting and the tree is no longer safe to be in your yard. A lot of tree diseases can be ascribed to fungus. Although there are cases when the tree can still be restored, if the primary root is significantly impacted, there is no better choice but to have it removed.

Presence of Pests

Trees are home to different wildlife. However, there are types of creatures that inhabit the tree that can be harmful to its wellbeing. If the tree is fostering pests such as scorpions, rodents, and destructive worms, it can be a reason for the tree to grow weak and attract diseases. It is mostly true for fruit-bearing trees because the crops draw pests. These pests are not only hazardous to your tree but other nearby structures as well.

Invasive Roots

Depending on the type of tree, roots can grow as wide as a house. Some roots grow in a vertical fashion, and there are also those that grow horizontally. The latter type of growth can interfere with sewer lines or plumbing pipes which can cause leaks or blockage. If it can’t be resolved by any other way, removing the tree may be the best thing to do to prevent problems from arising.

Incorrectly Chosen Tree Type

Not all trees are ideal for a particular area. If you plant a tree that is not meant for your area, it will not grow. Your tree will have stunted growth and will not add value to your property. It may even be weakened by the climate in your region which can make it susceptible from falling. If this is the case, your tree needs to be removed from your yard.

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